Dances on High

Writer’s block has been my problem for 2 years, since I finished my book Football Wives: Coming of Age with the NFL.  Everyone says blog, so here I am.   Today I am thinking about trees.  My kind neighbor stopped over and warned of disaster looming from the giant old growth trees that surround my house.  It’s very true – any of them would crush quite a bit of my little piece of heaven if they fell.  But their upright presence – ah, now there’s another point.  The gentle giant surround of these green havens is calming.  They have survived more than I will in an entire 2 lifetimes.  They do eventually fall, but not before reaching the sky and harboring colorful, noisy life cycles of all kinds of creatures.  The endless birds – from eagles to nuthatches.  /the squirrels – flying, gray, and pine – and the occasional albino – all of their antics and freedom to fly between the branches.  Reminds me of a quote once told me by a prominent Canadian author/priest – “The flyer must fly, and the catcher must catch”.  These birds and squirrels know the catcher is there when they  take off, free of fear.  The yard ful of wild turkeys – no, I don’t feed them – and their crazy, wobbly, clumsy flight each night up into the oaks, to roost there for the night, safe from predators.  The noisy rascal raccoons, who, with families, have a favorite branch to meet upon for their nightly gossip fests and quarrels.  Oh, the storms do come, have come, and will come again.  Some favorite old trees have plowed the ground with thunder as they fell – always away from the house.  And always continuing their great gift – in the form of firewood, beautiful wood art from our friend, and boards and wood trim for our vacation home – also surrounded by giant trees.  I have lived most of my life surrounded by these positive forces of nature.  When I was a child, a thunderstorm came through Sioux City and dropped a gigantic cottonwood tree on our back porch.  We weren’t home – no one was hurt.  I was awed that nature, which created this giant, could also fell it in a second.  It is a lesson I haven’t forgotten – makes for easier living in the moment.  If you aren’t buried by winter’s fury, plant a tree today and cherish it for the reminder of the great continuum of life.  The tree doesn’t worry about the future – living the moment is all it knows.  I may get dropped on one day by one of these guys, but I will have treasured it every day for it’s gifts to me and to the planet.